React UI with Redux

React.js & Node.js
Node.js as backend server. Managing state with Redux. This web app is designed for tourists in Tel-Aviv. to help them find the best restaurants in the city. designed for mobile first.

React, Redux, Nodejs & MongoDB

Firebase full Auth system
Node.js as backend API server. Managing state with Redux. If you wish to meditated with people from around the world. Login / Register and create an event.

Full stack React app

React, Nodejs, MongoDB, Express & Firebase
Node.js as backend server. Managing state with Redux. In this webapp you can build and design a restaurants menu, get the link as a QR-code and so much more

React UI - Context

React.js & Node.js
Node.js as backend server. Managing state with Context AIP useReducer,useEffect,useState,useContext. This is only a CRUD app that uses local storage.

React Store with Next.js

React.js & Next.js & Node.js
Using Next.js and Semantic-ui. Contact me to get Admin prev so you can see all functions. email authentication and MongoDB as data base, full CRUD functionality.

React with useState

A simple trivia site with React hooks. Using material-ui for some of the elements. This site is fully responsive


React with Animation

A simple event website with React. Using material-ui for most of the elements. This site is not fully responsive


React Cheat Sheet

React.js & Node.js
Node.js as backend server. I made this for me, will add all the code i need in the future
Like the colors in this one


React Hooks 2do

React 'useState'
A simple To Do app. Works after refresh with localstorage, this app can help you with your tasks, try adding a new 2to, edit one and refresh the page :)

react game

React Game

React.js - "Lights Out" game
Play with this one until you get tired
I could only win this once :)
designed for the web.
Not responsive

youtube app

React - Youtube API

React.js - Youtube API
Took the Youtube API and
put it to the test
Used Semantic UI
Also used Axios for the http request

Alef app

Learn HEB alphabet

Learn the Hebrew alphabet. Live keyboard with my voice.
A christmas present for my lovely niece.
Choose your backgound and start learning.

React - Unsplash API

Playing with Unsplash
This one is a simple website
Search your pictures fron
the Unsplash API
using Semantic UI again

T.A. 4 Restaurants

Take Away - order online.
A nice UI using Ajax, Vanilla JS & Bootstrap 4.
XMLHttpRequest to display the menu from the JASON file.
Add and remove items from your order.

First React Project

First React.js project
This is my first go with React
i still need to add authentication to this one
in order to load a new state you need to click on "LOAD SAMPLE FISHES"

Tangens Landing Page

A friend who needed a
landing page for her google adwords campaign.
This one is uses Bootstrap,
jquery and has a PHP
contact form.
Had to design this myself...

Mountain Treks website

Using Flexbox and some small
Smooth scrolling with JQuery.
Fully responsive.
Pick a tour and enjoy nature at
it's best.
i like it ;)